Name: Mohey el-Dine Hussein
Birth: Born in Mansura, on the 24th of October, 1936
Country: Egypt
Exhibition: Private exhibitions (dedication exhibitions 1962-1968)
Akhenaten hall, 1970, 1972
Cairo Atelier, 1973
Gamstrand hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1976
Egyptian cultural center, Pairs, May 1978
Harranya Marsama, April, 1980
Egyptian Academy, Rome, August 1980
Paris, November 1980
Foreign diplomats center, April, 1982
Akhenaten hall, Paris, April 1983
Alexandria Atelier, December 1982.

Group exhibitions
Several awards from applied arts exhibitions held at the fine arts amateurs society, all of which he took part in.
Participated in all public exhibitions since 1962
Ceramics award winner from Cairo Salon, 1972
Art and life friends group’s exhibition at the Egyptian cultural center, Paris, 1978
Represented Egypt in Paris international salon (Grande Palais), 1979
One of the artist representing Egypt at the Egyptian wing at Lion international salon, January, 1981
Represented Egypt in Ceramics international triennial, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 1987
Participated at dedicated artists’ exhibition, 1996, 1997, and 1998
Faienca international biennale, Italy, 1987
Participated at international art exhibition, pologne, Italy, 1988
Cairo salon for contemporary ceramics, 1988
Represented Egypt at the international exhibition for ceramics, Purvo, Finland, July 1992
Exhibition at Akhenaten hall, April, 1984
Exhibition at the Egyptian academy, Rome, 1988
Exhibition at Akhenaten hall, April, 1991
Permanent exhibition at Harranya marasama
Exhibition at Sidi Gaber cultural center, 1998
Co-exhibition with artist Mustafa Razaz at the Egyptian academy, Rome, 1993
Co-exhibition with artist Mustafa Razaz at Extra hall, Cairo, 1994
Exhibition at Akhenaten hall, arts complex, May, 2000

His works are present in museums and public collections, including:
Modern art museum – Manesterly palace, Cairo – Egyptian embassy, Paris – Ministerial cabinet presidency – Gazira arts complex – Ismalilia cultural center – Sidi Gaber cultural center - Hanager center for arts – Everson museum of ceramics, New York, USA- two wall reliefs at al-ahram institution – Egyptian academy, Rome - Great Hotels in Egypt.
Private collections in Egypt and abroad.
General: Member of plastic arts committee at the Supreme Council of Culture.
1992 Founder and Commissaire of the Cairo International Ceramics Biennale
1995 Grant of the Ministry of Culture
199 founder of popular pottery meeting at Qena, and it’s commissaire.
1999 member of the juries of Alexandria international biennale.
Qualifications: 1964, 1966, 1968 Head of the Juries at Cairo International Ceramics Biennale 1963-1968 Grant from the ministry of culture. 1968 joined the dedicated artist group at al-Ahram institution.