Name: Gilles Perez
Birth: Born in Denmark 1954
Country: Denmark
Exhibition: The young Sculptors in Bercy - - 1980 .
The young sculptors in Auteuil - - 1981 - .A Collective Exhibition in Creteil - - 1983 .The Centre of Assemblies in Clermont-FD - - 1986 - .arnual exhibitions in paris - - 1992 .
the implementation of a road of memorial works of sculpture in Chapdes Beaufort - - 1993 .
pis city 63 - - 1990 .
Prize: Volcan Prize_1988 the jury of the House of geativity in the framework of the fine Artists Com.
The Prize of the Department Volcan Prize, House Innovation in Clermont_1989.
FD Castellenza- Italy_1989.
Pagari Foundation contemporary Sculpture Clermont Square in Jaude_1989.
Volcan Prize, House Innovation in Clermont-FD Castellenza- Italy_1990.
Sculpture in Cebazat New Facts_1990.
The Big Palace in Paris_1990.
Contemporary Sculpture in Le ceq garden_1990.
Oil bath in Clermont FD_1991.