Ahmed Magdy


Ahmed Magdy was born in Assiut, Egypt, in 1987. He finished his studies in the Faculty of Specific Education Department of Art, in 2008. He specialized in Sculpture in 2006. His artistic experience started in 2008 taking part in the Youth Venue, 19th. Edition, being rewarded with the “El Said Abdu Selim” award of the Jury for his work in bronze. He has been taking part in different artistic events since he started his studies until now. He has collaborated with grand sculpture masters, from Mamduh al kok , And thinkers in various fields of art to the great master Abd el Hadi el Wishahy, among others. The experience gathered over the years is being expressed in his work, not only at technical level but also at artistic one. Ahmed Magdy took part in the foundation and execution of different works of art and culture  in Cairo and Assiut, of an artistic group called “Bedyat for Art And Culture”  in Assiut in 2009. His aim was opening new horizons. In September 2015 he was elected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to sculpt a stone and bronze six-meter statue for the Yunchuan Garde, symbol of the friendship between China and the Arabian Countries. He continues testing in the artistic modern Egyptian and Arabic movement, specially in the Sculpture field and Many awards and nominations has won. 

• “ Artists Syndicate, department of Sculpture” 2008.

 • Pioneer Group of the Culture Palace in Assiut.

• Association of Fine Arts fans.


- First Collective Exhibition "Adam Hanin Sculpture Award" - Hanager Center for Arts - Opera House 2017.

- Collective exhibition "Sculpture Document" - Darb Gallery 1718 - 2016.

- Gallery Gallery Not the first group - Cairo - 2016.

- Collective exhibition in the Art Gallery Modern Art - Abu Dhabi - 2015.

 • Youth Salon. 19nd ,22nd, 25th, 26th, 27th Edition. Palace of Art. Cairo Opera House, Egypt, 2007 ,2011-2014-2015 - 2016.

 • Muhtarat Arabia Exhibition, Jedda, Saudi Arabia, 2015. • Al Kasabi for Art Exhibition, Jedda, Saudi Arabia, 2015.

• Al Ahram Art Venue, Al Ahram Foundation, Cairo, Egypt, 2014.

 • 54th Edition of The Avant-Garde, Association of Fine Arts Fans, Cairo, Egypt, 2013.

 • On Caravan Exhibition, S. John’s Church, Cairo, Egypt, 2012.

 • Agenda Exhibition, Alexandria Library, Egypt, 2012-3.

• Avant-Garde Exhibition, 52nd Editions. Association of Fine Arts Fans, Cairo, Egypt, 2012. • Celebration of the Exhibition of Pioneers of Art Association to commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of its creation, Assut, Egypt, 2011.

• Silence Dialogues, Saad Zagloul Cultural Centre, Cairo, Egypt, 2011.

• Celebration of the Pioneers of Art Association Exhibition to commemorate its 1st anniversay, Assut, Egypt, 2011.

• Taratil, group of six sculpture pioneers, Pioneers Hall, New Assut, Egypt, 2010. • Avant-Garde, 40th edition, Fine Arts Fans Association, Cairo, Egypt, 2009.

 • 2nd Exhibition Sculptural Creativity, Youth salon, 19th Edition, Cairo, Egypt, 2008.

• Global Exhibition Language of Sculpture, Assut University, Egypt, 2006-7.

• 2nd Exhibition Pioneers in the Culture Palace, Assut, Egypt, 2005. • Symphony of Creativity, Culture Palace, Assut, Egypt, 2005-6.

• Exhibition of Assut University, Egypt, 2005-6-7.

• Exhibition Youth & Sport Growth, Egypt, 2005-6. 


Artistic tasks :

. Participation in the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium - Workshop - Aswan 2017.

.Participation in the Cairo International Symposium II in the sculpture and the formation of iron scrap - Egypt 2016

• Invitation of the Chinese Ministry of Culture to sculpt a stone and bronze six-meter statue for the Yun Shuan Garde, symbol of the friendship between China and the Arabid Countries, 2015.

• Statue based on Mamduh al Kok’s sketch for a square at the Faculty of Specific Education, department of Art, Assut, Egypt.

 • Statue based on Manduh al Kuk’s sketch for El Fardus Garden, Assut, Egypt.

• Photo Murals based on Hassan Gaber’s sketchs for several Squares in Assut, Egypt.

• Marble Statue based on a Gamal el Said’s sketch in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 2009.

 • Several exhibitions of the Art Pioneers Associations to commemorate its 1st anniversary, Assut, Egypt, 2010.

• On Caravan Sculpture works, S. Paul’s Church Festival, Cairo, Egypt, 2013-4.

 • Complete different works of the master Abd el Hadi el Wasahy. EDITIONS & CULTURAL EVENTS: • Artistic Workshop at Youth Venue, 17th Edition, 2004.

 • Steel works for Workshops all over Egypt, Assut, Egypt, 2004.

 • Performances of plastic art in The Art of the Square, Assut, Egypt, 2006-13.




 • 2nd sculpture award at Pioneers Festival, Assut, Egypt.

• Award, Youth & Sport Incentive, 2005-6

• Award, bronze sculpture at Plastic Creativity Festival, 2nd Youth Venue, 19th edition, 2008.

 • 3rd big award, Avant-Garde Exhibition, 52th edition, Art Fans Association, 2012.

• Scholarship for full time commitment of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

 • Sculpture award Avant-garde Exhibition, 54th edition, 2014.

• Sculpture prize in the Youth Salon 27 - 2017





 • Different Egyptian gentlemen.

. Egyptian Ministry of Culture.  

• Chinese Ministry of Culture.

 • CIB Bank.

23th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium