Rawaa Mohamed Awad Ibrahim Eldegwy



Born in 1985, the Assistant), Department of Sculpture Instructor (Faculty of Fine Arts Mansoura University and has taught at the Higher Institute of the Arts Application.                



Exhibitions subscribed

  •    the first special exhibition at the library of Alexandria –Egypt             2016

·         Youth Salon 27-                                                                                     2016

·         document exhibition sculpture trail 17/18 Darb Center                         2016

·         Exhibition Bedoon BA (agenda)                                                            2016

·         Bekaa Doanh group exhibition of Art                                                    2016

·         group exhibition at the Arts Academy (Alemraeh)                                2016

·         South Salon exhibition place in Luxor                                                   2016

·         Youth Visual Arts Competition for                                                        2016

·         to participate in the Forum of Arab artists                                              2012

·         Vanguard Expo                                                                     2009, 2010.2011

·         entangling in the arts beautiful gallery Egyptian Cultural

    Center in BakuAzra Bijan                                                                       2010                                                                                          

·         participate in an exhibition at the Museum of

    Contemporary Egyptian sculpture Taha Hussein                                    2010                                      

·         Salon Alatlih                                                                                            2010

·         Arts Festival Red Sea states in                                                                 2010

·         Contemporary Egyptian Sculpture Gallery locust Bessarabia                 2009

·         Asala Association Expo 2009 Port Said Biennale                                   2009

·         and splashed art and the masses Bmga castle                                          2009

·         other creations gallery Ain Helwan Culture Palace                                 2008

·         Group exhibition hall Hanager the role of the Egyptian Opera               2008

·         Youth Salon 19 and participate in the workshop accompanying him      2008

·         Symposium Minya                                                                                    2005


·         Mguetnayat at the CIB

·         holdings of Egyptian cultural production center - Collectibles I Higher    Institute of Arts Applied - and I have members in Egypt and abroad


·         licentiousness sculpture of Youth Salon                                                   2016

·         Sculpture Award from the Academy of Arts exhibition                           2016

·         Award plumber sculptural work of the South Salon                                 2016

·         Incentive Award in the youth contest for Visual Arts                              2016

·         Certificate of Appreciation at the crossroads of

   Fine Artists Competition                                                                           

23th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium