Aya Abdullah Soliman Ayada



  • Bachelor of Fine arts, Helwan University, Bas-relief sculpture major

Grade: Very Good (3rd place in Major).

  • Graphic Diploma from Russian culture center
    • Current Digital marketing student certified from Core institute in USA
    • Achievements:

        2nd place in Sculpture Competition "Recycling" at Greek Campus

    • Mission:

      Heading to self learning of digital art programs and determining its newest techniques, in order to connect between the elegant and majestic art with the fast moving technology, and continuously update myself to learn new information each day.


Experience & Exhibitions:

  • Participated in "Adam Hanin –حنين  ادم" competition in 2017
  • Participated in "Roznama- روزنامه" competition in 2017
  • Accepted in  the first batch of Youth Salon in 2016
  • Participated in Egypt International Salon in 2017 
23th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium