Cinzia Susanna

Ticino, Switzerland in 1975

attended the High college for Fine Arts (1995) in Lugano and then the
Academy of fine Arts of Milan (2000). In 2015 she moved to Carrara in Italy, where she lives and works.
In every project of Cinzia Susanna's plastic elaboration, we always find the attempt to embody ineffability.
Her sculpture involves and activates opposites: strict e exactness, shadowy forms, in a very transparent
spaciousness, where substance shades off in a light without boundary lines, where invisible shows herself in
real things, which reveal invisible changing again just in the moment of its becoming perceptible.


Selected personal exhibitions
2017 - Personal exhibition in the Museo Mecrì, Cataloge by Locarno, Switzerland
2015 - Personal exhibition in the Bank ARNER - Lugano
2015 - Personal Exhibition with thema "Face-leaf" in the Gallery Inauen, Mendrisio
2013 - Exhibition in the Art Gallery "Deep-art" - Lugano
2009 - Personal exhibition in the Gallery "Mosaico" - Chiasso
2005 - Personal exhibition in the art-space "Torchio" - Balerna
Selected group exhibitions
2017 - Invitation and exhibition in the Gallery Quarta, Ascona
2017 - Exhibition in the Town Hall of Riva San Vitale with the painter Dario Traversi, Cataloge
2011 - Collective exhibition with subject "The dream of fly" - Wettingen
Art in residence
2016 - Art in residence program, AZB, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer, Zürich
2004 - Salary of the fondation Landis&Gyr, artist in residence program in Zugo with final personal
2003 - Salary prize Unesco-Aschberg for a residence in the artistic center in Sobo-Badé, Sénègal
Symposium and Prizes
2018 - Project Uchinuki21, realization of a scultpture in green stone, Sajio, prefecture Ehime, Japan
2016 - 7th International Symposium, Koemuercueoglu, Denizli, Turkei
2015 - 6th Symposium, with thema "70 yeahr Peace", Lasa, Italy
2009 - Concourse Rotary, 2th prize for the sculpture "Fresch water" organize for the
bicycle championship - Mendrisio
2004 - 3th prix and construction of the sculpture "Owl-guardian" for the park Serena in Lugano

24th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium