Nourhan Maher Mohamed Ebrahim

1 January, 1995

Faculty of Fine Arts,

Bachelor of Sculpture Department, Alexandria University - June 2018

Excellent with First Class of Honor

- Under Training Teaching Assistant

Mustafa el Nagger language SCHOOL, High School DEGREE, 2013

-Alexandria workshop center stone sculpture symposuim 2016.

-The damietta sculpture symposuim in 2017.


 - the exhibition of the ship in the Church of the VIRGIN, SMOUHa 2014.

- the first exhibition of Sculpture Department In 2014.

- the competition of creativity 4 AT THE Ministry of Youth and Sports 2015 and got the second place OVER ALEXANDRIA University.

- the exhibition of Design Guide magazine  2016 and won the first place in the sculpture competition.

-alexandaria atlier exhibtion of (awsc) 2016.

- dai gallery arab youth festival exihibtion 2017.

-khan el maghraby exihibtion for youth artists 2018.


24th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium