Country: Egypt
Exhibition: 1997 an exhibition in the Kalybia Governorate for the national day
1998 collective exhibition – Ministry of Youth
1999 (The Dream) – Collective Exhibition – Hour's Hall (Artistic Education Faculty)
2000 (Before leaving) - Collective Exhibition – Helwan University
2001 – 2002 Collective Exhibitions – Cairo Sporting Club
2004 "Rateb Seddik" Sculpture Gallery - Cairo Atelier
2004 "Mahmoud Mukhtar" 1st Sculpture Symposium for stones (on his private work shop)
2004 16th Youth Salon
2005 17th Youth Salon
2005 "Rateb Seddik" Painting Gallery - Cairo Atelier
2006 (under the bridge) – El-Sawy Culture wheel youth festival
Prize: Honor Certificate from Kalybia Governorate
Honor Certificate plus "Mahmoud Mukhtar"'s Medal for participating in 1st Sculpture Symposium for stones.
The prize in the 17th Youth Salon for the ungovernmental foundations
Qualifications: Diploma in artistic criticism – Academy of Arts – Very good grade Plastic arts syndicate member plus NGO's and arts association member.