Name: Dr. Gaber Abdel-Moniem Hegazy
Birth: Born in Alexandria on 1936
Country: Egypt
Exhibition: International and local exhibitions
• Alexandria Biennale 1959-61-65-72-78-91
• Most of the Ministry of culture’s exhibitions
• The general exhibition in Cairo, several consecutive sessions
• Alexandria artists exhibitions in culture palaces at Cairo, Alexandria, And Port-Said
• All Fine arts professors’ exhibitions in Alexandria and Cairo
• The Collective exhibition for plastic arts culture in Alexandria, 1989
• “Alexandrian views” exhibition, Nile hall, Cairo
• All collective exhibitions of the ‘writers and artists association of Alexandira atelier”
• Several collective exhibitions in the Egyptian cultural center (Hussein Sobhy museum)
• Several collective exhibitions in foreign cultural centers in Alexandria
• German cultural center in Alexandria
• American cultural center in Alexandria
• Italian cultural center in Alexandria
• Spanish cultural center in Alexandria
• French cultural center in Alexandria
• Collective exhibitions of Fine arts faculty professors, Alexandria, Fine arts faculty hall, Alexandria.

Exhibitions abroad:
1973 Young artists exhibition, Italy
1973 Medallion art international exhibitions, Odiny, Italy
International art exhibition, Rome
1974 contemporary Egyptian art exhibition, Egyptian academy, Rome
1975 Collective Alexandrian artists exhibition, Odessa, USSR
Collective exhibitions for Alexandrian artist and arts professors of the faculty of fine arts in Cairo and Alexandria, organized in Germany in the years: 1979-80-85-89-93, sculpture, painting, drawing
1997 Cairo biennale

Private exhibitions:
1997 Fine arts museum, Alexandria, Hussein Sobhy museum
1989 Goethe institute
1994 the Egyptian academy, Rome, Italy
2007 Creation center, Alexandria

Other exhibitions:
1999 exhibition for the honoured, accompanying the 20th Alexandria biennale.
1998 “blue colour”, painting exhibition at Picasso gallery, Cairo.
2001Collective exhibition, Dega Gallery, Alexandria.
2000 four artists exhibition, accompanying Alexandria cinema festival, Montazah salamlek.
Member of the high committee of the 1st Asswan sculpture symposium.
2001 member of the state prize for sculpture.
2002 exhibition of the Alexandria atelier saloon.
2002 “writers imagination” workshop exhibition, bibliotheca Alexandrina
2002 exhibition at bibliotheca Alexandrina in the occasion of it’s official inauguration (16/10/2002)
Field works in Alexandria
2003 Collective exhibition, Alexandria atelier saloon
2003 ‘sculpture without walls’ exhibition, bibliotheca Alexandrina
2004 Alexandria saloon exhibition
2004 exhibition at Mahmud Said saloon, Mahmud Said museum
2004 India biennale, New Delhi
General: • Supervision of numerous Masters and PhDs thesis at the sculpture section, Alexandria university.
• Participation in numerous Masters and PhDs arbitration committees at the faculties of arts at Alexandria and Helwan universities.
• “Aesthetics of sculpture art”, article published at the scientific conference of the faculty of fine arts, Menya university
• Papers about stones, acrylics, different metals, ceramics
• Member of the researches committee during the 1st and 2nd scientific conferences at the faculty of fine arts, Alexandria university, and artistic education faculty, Helwan university
• Member of the permanent scientific committee for the promotion to professor and assistant professor degrees
• Teaching at the faculty of fine arts, Alexandria university since 1963
• Teaching at the faculty of education, Alexandria university from it’s foundation till 1998.
• Teaching at the high studies, faculty of education, Alexandria university, Curricula section, for several years.
• Participated in the foundation of artistic education section, Kuwait, 1981-86

• Other artistic activities:
• Member of the high committee of Aswan International symposium
• Participated in Atelier saloon exhibition, 2007
• Participated in marble sculpture symposium, bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2007
• Participated in Granite sculpture symposium, Mersa Matruh, 2007
• Solo exhibition, creativity center, Alexandria, February 2007
• Participated in the exhibition organized at the occasion of the golden jubilee of the faculty of arts, Alexandria
• Participated in the ministry of culture exhibition organized by the Opera house, 2007.
• Design of the medallion of the faculty of fine arts, Alexandria, 1990
• Design of the medallion of Alexandria biennale, 2007
• Design and execution of the Sayed Darwish statue at one of Alexandria squares
• Design and execution of Isis statue, currently at the conference hall, bibliotheca Alexandrina
Prize: 1960 1st prize of sculpture in the supreme council for arts and literature’s exhibition, Alexandria
1972 1st prize of sculpture, 9th Alexandria Biennale
1991 2nd prize of sculpture, 17th Alexandria Biennale
1990 Golden middle at the Alexandrian professors of the faculty of fine arts’ exhibition, Germany
1993 Golden middle at the Alexandrian professors of the faculty of fine arts’ exhibition, Germany
1992 the university prize for academic research
2006 Trophy of the plastic artist syndicate
2007 Oscar of the faculty of arts, in the occasion of it’s 50th anniversary
Qualifications: Graduated in Fine arts faculty, Sculpture section, Alexandria, 1962, grade excellent with high distinction Assistant lecturer at the same faculty, 1963 Masters in arts, sculpture, 1972 Ph.D. from the Italian Academy, Rome, 1974 Diploma of Medalia institute, Rome, 1973 Full- time professor since 11/2/1996 Part- time professor since 12/12/2006