Name: Georges Bahgory
Birth: Luxor, Egypt, 1935
Country: Egypt
General: 1969 Venice Biennale, Italy
1970 Woodstock Gallery, Oxford, London
1973 Francoise Bernard Gallery, Paris
1973 cite des Arts Gallery, Paris
1974 Etienne Consans Gallery, Paris
1975 Cardin Gallery, Paris
1975 Egyptian Pavilion, Grand Palais, Paris
1980 Massara Gallery, paris
1980 Tessu Museum, Le Mans
1981 Borely Museum, Marseille
1982 Espace Le Coq, Every
1985 Espace bateu lavoir, Montmartre
1986 Galerie l’aire libre, Every
1987 Mashrabiah Gallery, Cairo
1988 International Festival of Art, Bagdad
1989 Mashrabiah Gallery, Cairo
1990 Grand Prix of Teneriffe, Spain
1992 Grand Prix of Ancona, Italy
1993 Khaldoon Aldaoud Gallery, Amman, Jordan
1994 Contemporary Expressions, Chilly, Mazarin
1995 Writing and publication of 2 books: the Icons (1-2), Sharkiat pub., Cairo
1997 Isly Gallery, Limoges
1997 Rivages Gallery, Paris
1997 Tunisia Biennale
1997 Mashrabiah Gallery, Cairo
1999 Arabesque Gallery, Cairo
1999 Ghoury Atelier, Cairo
1999 Jury Member at Bahrain
1999 Bahrain Gallery, Bahrain
1999 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
1999 Ph.D. Thesis of the history of art, by Flore Honhomme, about Bahgory
2000 Picasso Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo
2000 Modern Art Museum, Cairo
Qualifications: Fine Arts, Zamalek, Egypt, 1995, Atelier Bikar Fine Arts, Paris, 1971, Atelier Yankel Thesis at Sorbonne: the Egyptian art traits in Picasso’s art.