Name: Ojars Arvids Feldbergs
Birth: Born 10 October 1947 in Riga, Latvia
Country: Latvia
Exhibition: Selected symposiums and exhibitions
2010 XII International Stone Sculpture Symposium Simppetra, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
2009 2nd International Sculpture Camp, Phu Tho Province, Vietnam
2006 Sculptures “Opened Stones”, Interantional exhibition, Museum KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia
2005 Environmental art exhibition “Skutsi”, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Cast Iron Sculpture Symposium, Buffalo, The USA
2001 Symposium of Metal Sculpture, Pirkkala, Finland
1999 Symposium of Grass Sculpture, Hamenhog, Sweden
1999 Symposium of Granite Sculpture, Braming, Denmark
1998 International Symposium of Granite Sculpture, Santiago, Chile
1991 The 7th Henry Moore Grand Prix Exhibition, Utsukushi-ga hara Open-air Art Museum, Japan

Solo exhibitions
2007 “Stone. Landscape”, Pedvale Open-air Art Museum, Latvia
2005 “Opened stone”, town of Pirkkala, Finland
2002 “Implementation of Reminiscences”, State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia
1999 “Different Occasions with Stones”, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia
1997 “Games with the Stone”, Pedvale Open-air Art Museum, Latvia
1995 “Mental Meteorites”, Doktor Glass Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1992 “Primary Elements of the World”, Galerie du Rond Point, Paris, France
1989 “A Simple Stone”, Museum of Foreign Art, Riga, Latvia
Prize: 2002 Grand Prix of the Year of the Artists’ Union of Latvia.
1999 UNESCO International Melina Merkuri award to the Pedvāle Open-air Art Museum, founded and lead by Ojars Feldbergs, for the maintenance of the culture landscape and management.
1991 Laureate of the Seventh Henry Moore Sculpture Competition in Japan.
Qualifications: 1970–1976 Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Sculpture. Since 1972 participates in art exhibitions, competitions and symposiums. Has participated in exhibitions in England, Armenia, The USA, Austria, Denmark, South Korea, France, Georgia, Estonia, Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Belgium. In 1992 establishes the Pedvāle Open-air Art Museum, Latvia.