Name: Samya Abdel Monseef
Country: Egypt
Exhibition: Collective exhibitions:
The artist participate in collective plastic exhibitions, workshops in university and faculty and plastic movement since 1999 until now.
• Plastic art exhibitions at the first scientific conference of Faculty of Specific Education-Cairo university in 2002.
• Participate in first annual festival of child art at American university in 2004.
• Annual artistic exhibition for graduate studies (teef hall) in 2005.
• Plastic innovations exhibition addressed to the child (palace of arts) in cairo opera house in 2006.
• Cosmic miracles exhibition (as an inspiration to the artist's imagination) in Faculty of Specific Education-Cairo university, teef hall in 2006.
• Plastic exhibition for scientific associations of Cairo university for members of teaching staff at conferences hall in Nasr city in 2007.
• An exhibition and photography competition at El Sawy Culture Wheel in 2007.
• Salon of Cairo Atelier of Writers and Artists (the 55th ) in 2007,(the 56th) in 2008, (the 57th) in 2009 and (the 58th) in 2010.
• Salon of Ghouri Artists association at Al-Ahram foundation in 2009.
• The third Spring salon in El Sawy Culture Wheel in 2008 and the fifth in 2010.
• Salon of the association Lovers of Fine Arts (the 59th) in 2009 and (the 50th) in 2010.
• Salon of national association at main hall in the opera (the nineteenth) in 2007, (the 20th) in 2008 and (the 21) in 2010.
• Salon of youth (the 17th) in 2006, (the 18th) in 2007, (the 19th) in 2008, (the 20th) in 2009 and (the 21) in 2010.
• (contemporary sculptures) exhibition at Saad Zaghloul museum in 2010.
• Exhibition of exhibitions for acquisition at Al-Arish national museum in 2010.
• Miniature exhibition at Mukhtar museum in 2010.
• Collective exhibition to a group of artists at gallery Van Gogh in 2010.

Solo exhibitions:
• Solo exhibition cairo atelier in 2006.
• Solo exhibition (teef hall) in faculty of Specific Education-cairo university in 2006.
General: Lecturer at the Faculty of Specific Education-Cairo university.
member of the board of directors of the association Lovers of Fine Arts, member of Cairo Atelier of Writers and Artists, member of the National Association of Fine Arts, member of Artists Ghouri association and member in El Sawy Culture Wheel.
Qualifications: B.A. in Faculty of Specific Education- department of Art Education-graduated in 2003 with an excellent degree with honours, Special Diploma in Art Education in 2006 with a very good degree.