Name: Esslam Ebada
Birth: Born - April 1977
Country: Egypt
Exhibition: 1999 - 2000 group exhibition at the Faculty of Fine Arts .
2002 - 2004 to 2003 Salon V small pieces. .
2006 Exhibition aide members of the Faculty of Fine
Arts in Zamalek .
C 2008 Exhibition of Fine Arts Opera House .
2009 National Exhibition 2011-2012 year.
Symposium sculpture
2009 International Symposium marble- company Sekem -Cairo.
2010 International Symposium marble- company madenaty- in
New Cairo .
2011 Symposium at the University of alanos- Germany – alfter-Bonn .
2012 Symposium for carving marble Company ( Sodic ) in Sixth of October
2012 International Symposium Aswan to carve granite.

Workshops and technical projects
2003 Workshop Bronze Plumbing Academy of Warsaw ( Poland )
2011 , along with others on the Workshop ( political sculpture in
public places ) Zamalek with the artist and the artist Anu
Pennanen . Querrec Stephane
General: 2001, and even now working as a teacher at the Faculty of Fine
Arts - Helwan University , Department of Sculpture
1997 grant academic excellence to travel to (Italy)
2006 until 2010, work of a team of sculptors project the nation's
memory Giza Palace of Culture -Ministry of Culture -
Egyptian carving symbols of Egypt through history
2010 - 2011 Member of the jury for the competition Institutes of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Higher Education specialized
2010 - 2011 carried out works of art at the Museum of the child in Heliopolis
Qualifications: 2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts , Helwan University, specialty sculpture In very good estimate and a graduation project concession .2007 to obtain a master's degree in sculpture - Faculty of Fine Arts , Helwan University . 2012 to obtain a doctorate degree in sculpture - Faculty of Fine Arts , Helwan University .