Name: Essam Mohamed Sayed Darwish
Birth: Born in Arab Republic Of Egypt 1970
Country: Egypt
Exhibition: He has participated in variety of collective exhibitions,
one of which is the fourth youth salon.
Si - .the first autumn gallery - 1996 .
Aswan second symposium .
The national gallery for the plastic art 1998. - 1998 .
Personal exhibition in the faculty of artistic education -1989 .
General: Teacher at the faculty of artistic education, Helwan University, materialized expression section
Prize: • 1992 1st Prize of the National competition for plastic arts
• 1998 Sculpture award of “Third autumn Salon”
• 1999 1st sculpture award “kamal ebeid”, first exhibition for nature sculpture
• 1999 3rd award, project at “Galaa square”
• 2000 Second sculpture award, 12th Youth salon
• 2004 Second award of 1st “Emar” international symposium, Dubai, UAE
Qualifications: 1999: Masters of artistic education, sculpture section. Thesis: “styles of addressing separate parts of human body in modern sculpture” 2004: Ph.D. in education. Thesis: “Space and time dynamism in Aswan international symposium for sculpture” 2005: published paper “the artist and the concept of amateurism in square statues”, Fine arts faculty, Menya University