Threse Antoin



1996-2009      Sainte Jeanne Antide

2009-2014      Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, Alexandria University



Aug - Oct 2013: Internship with AIESEC Palermo, Italy. Part of the project”Summer Camp” organized by AIESEC Palermo. Participated in different activities like organizing of artistic and culture shows.

Mar – Apr 2013:Internship at The Sharjah Biennial11, Sharjah art foundation, assisting the following artists:

  • Lucia Koch                              – Brazil
  • Francis Alys                            – Belgium
  • Latifa EchKhch’s brother        – Morocco

Feb – July 2013: Student member Mass Alexandria’s programme ’13 an independent art studio, founded in 2010 by the Egyptian artist Wael shawky, (



Jun 2014:   “Graduation Project”, Alexandria University, Alexandria

Jun 2013:     “Alternative Exhibition3”,Open studio, Mass Alexandria(independent studyprogram), Alexandria

Dec 2012:“Caricature Exhibition”, Goethe Institution, Alexandria

Aug 2012:“Photography Exhibition”, Adasa Club, Alexandria

Sep 2012:“Model Exhibition”, Atelier D’Alexandrie, Alexandria 

Oct 2011:    “Youth Collaborative Exhibition”, Alexandria University of Fine Arts, Alexandria





Aug 2014:   “How to draw with your right side brain”, Dr. El-hamyNaguib, Jesuite Arts & Culture Centre, Alexandria

Feb 2014:   “Bronze Sculpting”,Dr.Karim Kaddal, Abo el Dordar, Alexandria

Aug 2013:    Tutoring Arts, Crafts and Dancing for children, AIESEC Palermo, Italy

Jun  2013:    “Sound Sweep”materiality,Sound Producing, Absorption and Acoustics by Lawrence Abu Hamdan and  Jens Maier-Rothe, Stone Tapes workshop, Mass Alexandria, Alexandria

Apr 2013:     “IN the mind’sEye” byWarren Neidich, Mass Alexandria, Alexandria

Apr 2013:     “Archive Collection” by Osama Dawoud , Mass Alexandria, Alexandria

Mar 2013:    Assisting Lucia Koch, (, Project: Conversation, Installation laser-cut, Plexiglas, Biennial 11, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE

Mar 2013:    Assisting Francis Alys, (, Project: Don’t cross the bridge before you get to the river, Biennial 11, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE

Sep2012:Oil painting and Drawing workshop by Dr.Walid Kanoush, Alexandria center of arts, Alexandria

Mar2012:    Sculpture modeling, “Experience” Animation Agency, Alexandria

20th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium