Name: Sabri Nashede
Birth: Born in Arab Republic Of Egypt 1938
Country: Egypt
General: member of the arts branch of the specialized national councils._1996_.Elected board member at the syndicate of plastic artists_1993_1996.member of the plastic arts committee at the Supreme council of culture, and_1990_.Elected member of the Société des amis des beaux arts_1980_1986.Elected board member in the syndicate of plastic artists, and Cashier_1980_1985.He took part in the artistic activities in Egypt, with several public, priv_1959_.The artist worked in the education field__.awarded a gran for six consecutive years__.he was appointed manager of the Jazeera Complex for arts__.head of artistic documentation__.general supervisor of artistic museums__.general supervisor of the authority of architectural embellishment__.general manager of museums and exhibitions__.
Prize: Artistic Education Faculty, Cairo_2000.
Faculty of fine arts, Menya_1997.
Biennale of Alexandria_1997.
Andalusia institution for culture and science_1997.
Mansura University_1997.
Biennale of Aelxandria_1994.
State Information Service_1991.
Triennial of minor sculpture, Budapest, Hungary_1990.
Faculty of medicine, Cairo university_1990.
Minstry of defence, Minister of Defence_1989.
Biennale of minor sculpture, Budapest, Hungary_1984.
Société des amis des beaux arts, Mukhtar award, first prize_1973.
Société des amis des beaux arts, (Battle inspiration) exhibition_1970.
Honoured by the ministry of culture and the governor of Aswan (internationa_2002).
Honoured by the ministry of culture in the national general exhibition_1999.
Inclusion of his name in the encyclopedia of famous Egyptians in the 20th_1999.
Inclusion of his name in the national encyclopedia of eminent Egyptian pers_1989.
Honoured by the Faculty of applied arts_1988.
Second award of Ladhiqiah international Biennale_1999.
Jury award, Alexandria International Biennale_1997.
First award of sculpture in open air, Andalusia institution_1997.
A documentary about his works and way of wood sculpting: “variations on wood_1981.
Grant from the ministry of culture to work in wood sculpture_1978.
First class Excellency award from the president of state_1991.
State award in sculpture_1989.
Second award of the 1st Cairo international biennale_1984.
Third award of sculpture of the general exhibition of the national center f_1984.
Second award of culture at the ‘Hafez and Shawqi Contest’ , the national ce_1983.
Merit award of the general exhibition of the national center for plastic ar_1982.
Merit award of the general exhibition of the national center of plastic art_1981.
Merit award of sculpture in the open air from the national center of plasti_1981.
First award “Mukhtar award” for sculpture in the open air_1973.
First award of sculpture from the Cairo salon_1971.
Award of sculpture from the Exhibition of “art and the battle”_1970.
Award at the exhibition “Inspiration of the Arabian History”_1961.
Qualifications: Post Graduate studies from the Faculty of Applied Arts_1962.