Ali SaadAllah Ali


Teaching Assistant at faculty of fine arts, Sculpture Department, Alexandria University

July 2015 - present

Legend Arts and Crafts

2013 - 2015


  • Ideal Student (College of Fine Arts, Alexandria University);
  • First Place – National Council for Youth Sculpture Contest Creativity Competition;
  • Merit Certificate - Egyptian’s Fine Arts Colors and Creations Exhibitions
  • Certificate of Participation-  MIMAR SINAN College ,  Istanbul, Turkey (The Framework of Cultural Exchange between the Mediterranean Countries);
  • Certificate of Appreciation “Work Superiority”from Fine Arts Colleges’ Quality Assurance Unit (QAAP2);
  •  Certificate of Participation for Sculpture Business Workshop  from Fine Arts Alumni Association;
  • Certificate of Participation–The Last Days of the Earth’s vision optical film; and
  • Some other art certificates of participation in various exhibitions.
  • 21 Aswan international sculpture symposium workshop 2016
22th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium