Tasbih Mohamed Awad koratum


TaSabih Mohammed is a 2022 graduate of the Department of Sculpture, Field Department, University of Alexandria.

The artist chose to study sculpture with a passion for the influence of light and shadow on the landscape, and the influence varied depending on the material and the texture.

After the end of her second year in the department, and before specializing in the division, the artist showed great interest in the garden work and the organic sculptures and the preparation of the spaces that make up space and her various touches


University: Alexandria

Faculty: Fine Arts

Specialization: Field Sculpture

Degree: Bachelor

Graduate: class of 2022


Exhibitions and Workshops

  • Designs Exhibition At faculty of fine arts, Alexandria 2019
  • Sculpture workshop for kids  introduction to sculpture At The Royal jewelry museum, Alexandria 2019
  • Alexandrian sculptures At l'Atelier d'Alexandrie 2021
  • Alexandrian Creativity Forum 1st edition 2022


At El Horreya center for creation, Alexandria 2022

  • In Love with sculpture At Khan Almaghraby Gallery, cairo 2022
  • Dai festival for arab youth 4th forum At Dai gallery, cairo 2022
27th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium