Name: Haroko Yamsheta
Birth: Born in Ishikawa,1952, Japan
Country: Japan
Exhibition: 2010 .2006,2000, Gallery G-wing's, Kanazawa, Japan 1998 Gallery Art robe, Tokyo,Japan
1984 Gallery National, Lucca, Italy

Selected group exhibitions 2011 view for tomorrow, Ishikawa prefectual art museum,Japan
2011 Montone Biennale, Italy
2008-2009 11th Cairo Biennale, Cairo, Egypt
2007-2008 Mexico-Japan fraternity in sculpture, Merida, Mexico
1980-1982 Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui, Gran Palais, Paris
1980 Oeuvres contemporaines, Recherches actuellrs, Paris
General: Chief of cultural section in Komatsu city, Japan_1995_1997.
Qualifications: Graduated of the education faculty, Kanazawa University, Japan,1975 Graduated of sculpture section,Kanazawa Fine Arts College, Japan, 1979 Lived and studied in Paris and Italy, 1979-1986 Chief of culturel section in Komatsu city, Japan, 1995-1997