Shahinaz Magdy


fresh graduated from the faculty of fine arts.

 Painting exhibition, Faculty of fine arts Alexandria, Egypt, 2018

* Artistic sculptures, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt, 2019

*Design exhibition, Faculty of fine arts Alexandria, Egypt, 2020

*the forum 1st edition exhibition, faculty of fine arts Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, 2021

*Alexandrian Sculptures L’Atelier D ’Alexandrie Alexandria, Egypt, 2021

* participant/ organizer The creativity forum, alhorrya center for creation, Alexandria, Egypt, 2022

* In love with sculpture, Khan magraby, Art gallery, Cairo, Egypt, 2022

*The 4th Dai festival for youth Arab, Dai Mohandessen, Cairo, Egypt, 2022

*The 6th white and black salon , Gezira art center galleries,

Cairo, Egypt, 2022 Symposium

*The forum 1st edition exhibition faculty of fine arts, Almansoura University


* Relief sculpture workshop Fine arts Museum in Alexandria 2022 (Coordinator, instructor)

* Relief sculpture workshop The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria 2022 (Coordinator, instructor)

27th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium