Born in – 1970

Professional sculptor

2023 - Member of Quebec Artists' Council, Canada.

2022 - Member of Polish Artists' Union.

Lives and works in Warsaw


1990-1996 - Belarusan State Academy of Arts, Department of Sculpture, Minsk

1986-1990 - Minsk State Art College named after A. Hlebau, Minsk, Belarus


2016 - Second Prize, International Sculpture biennale , CHACO, Argentina.

2016 - Bronze Award in The 5th "Li Kaigu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition, Wuhu, China.

2015 - Third Prize, 1st International Sculpture Symposium, Kish Island, Iran.

2014 - Second Prize, IV Biennale of painting drawing and sculpture, Minsk, Belarus.

2013 - Third Prize, 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Expo International Sculpture Competition, China.

2011 - He was awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Culture  "For his contributions to the cultural development of Belarus"

2011 - Second Prize, The 1st International Public Art Festival of Mudanjiang Jingpo Lake, China.

2006 - China Olympic Park, the award (diploma) Beijing, China.

2005 - First premium in a nomination a sculpture on 1-st Minsk the International  competition of young architects "leonardo 2005", Minsk, Belarus.

2004 - Second Prize, Granite Sculpture Symposium, Mogilev, Belarus.

In works performed in bronze, the author preserves the traditions of realistic sculpture and figurative plastics, but at the same time transforms this knowledge in search of his style and path in art.

It is inherent in the search for the ideal form,

the harmonious union of the spiritual image and external content.

In the monumental works of the sculptor, executed mainly in stone,

there are traces of avoiding figurativeness.

He solves the problems of space with formal,

abstract volumes and tends to conceptual thinking.

Works are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts of Belarus, Memorial Museum-workshop of Z.I. Azgur, Pedvale Open Air, Museum, Latvia, National Art Museum of Shanxi Province, China,  Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum, Hualien, Taiwan, Uttarayan Art Foundation, Jaspur, Baroda, Gujrat, India, Kanu Nayak Art Foundation,Mumbai, India.


28th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium