Therese Antoine Louis


(b.1991) is an Egyptian sculptor who lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt.

The ability to transform a symmetrical, streamlined body shape into simple abstract, geometrical forms and figures has always been a great fascination of hers.

Lately she was integrated by the concept of the abstraction of human form as a result of its own psychological influences and by focusing on the idea of self-documentation of the very personal psychological phases and stages.

Uniform repetition, daring confrontation and the whole aspect of identity issues are the major subjects and tools which she employs in her work.

She obtained her BFA in Monumental Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, 2014. Before completing her BFA she was part of Mass Alexandria 2013-independent study program for Contemporary Arts.

After her graduation, she was part at the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium AISS 20. Two years later, she was selected to be one of the main artists of the Egyptian Delegation at AISS 22.

In 2018, Therese held a solo exhibition at the Institut Francais d’Alexandrie and a year later, she received an artist residency scholarship at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris from the Institut Francais d’Egypte.

By 2020, she was delegated by the French Institute in Alexandria to hold an exhibition inspired by time spend and living during the pandemic.

Therese has received various number of awards and prizes, as she got the first prize at the Adam Henien’s competition, 2022 for her participation at it’s 2nd edition she was granted an artist residency at Adam Henein’s Museum also by her participation at the 28th Youth Salon she received a residency award at the Egyptian Academy in Rome.

As well as one of her latest exhibition was Forever Is Now II staged at the Giza Pyramids plateau.

Pantheon of Deities is the name of the project and also the inspiration for it.

The project references the sundial as a metaphor and a link between the sun, the earth and the passage of time and tribute to the deities of ancient Egypt. 

Throughout her years as a sculptor, Therese has exhibited across Egypt and Internationally in France, Italy, England, Ghana and Lithuania.

28th Aswan International Sculpture Symposium